Direct to Film Printing

Durable Custom Prints with DTF

Direct to Film printing is the perfect solution that allows for the creation of vivid, detailed designs that can be transferred onto a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends. It sits between DTG and Screen Printing, offering the best of both worlds—fantastic colour reproduction with the durability that is seen from Screen Print.

What is Direct to Film (DTF)?

Discover the cutting-edge magic of Direct-To-Film (DTF) printing, where your designs seamlessly transfer onto garments and various substrates using heat.

This innovative process involves transferring your design onto a specialized transfer film, and with the application of heat to both the film and the chosen surface, your vision comes to life in vivid detail. Embrace the future of printing as DTF seamlessly merges precision and creativity, opening new horizons for customized, vibrant creations.

Artwork Guidelines

PNGs saved at 300 DPI or vector files

*Please note this print method can not exactly match Pantone colours


Low-resolution images may need to be redrawn

Additional charges may be incurred to redraw low-resolution artwork or to make it print ready


1mm minimum for all lines, text and strokes

Ensure all fine details and text are at least 1mm in width at final print size. Adjustments may be made by our design team if not.

Perks of Direct to Film

Extreme Versatility: Unlike DTG, DTF transfers can adapt effortlessly to various materials, from 100% cotton to cotton-poly blends, and even 100% polyester. They seamlessly apply to both light and dark fabrics. Moreover, DTF transfers work wonders on surfaces like hats and bags making them suitable for a wide array of materials.
Reduced Production Time: Streamline your production! With DTF transfers, press them onto your garments using a heat press for just 5-10 seconds—no pre-treatment, no ink drying time, and no multiple screens.
Versatile Application Areas: Embrace versatility! DTF transfers easily conquer tricky areas, applying with heat and pressure. Whether it's the curve of a hat front or other challenging surfaces, DTF printing conquers where other printing methods falter.
Enhanced Durability: DTF transfer prints may not boast the soft feel of DTG, but they stand tall in durability. Resistant to cracking or flaking, these prints wash well and retain elasticity, making them perfect for heavy-use items.
Detail-Rich Designs: No compromises on details! DTF transfers handle complicated designs and multiple colours effortlessly. Unlike screen printing, there's no need to limit colours or worry about costs, DTF allows you to experience vibrant colours and intricate detail.

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