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Quality T Shirt Printing Service

When looking for silk screen printers in Brisbane for t-shirts and other apparel, you can always expect our in-house facilities to fulfil your needs. Our team of talented artisans are backed with the latest technologies and expertise to deliver on quality each and every time.

Whether you seek a small run or one that’s much bigger, we proudly support our clients in-house with the advanced facilities that allow us to tailor solutions to meet exactly what you need. 

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the go-to print method for bulk orders, but the setup process is why it thrives on volume. It is a printing technique that separates each colour of your artwork onto its own silk screen layer which is then carefully pressed down onto fabric. This is also the only technique that will allow you to use the Pantone Colour Matching system which is great if you are looking to print specific brand colours.

Screen printing an old-school, yet reliable print method that brings your designs to life. Each design element gets its moment to shine as layers are precisely applied. The catch? A custom screen for each colour in your design. The more layers, the more time it takes, and the bolder your design feels.

Minimum order quantities do apply.

Bring your designs to life with specialty inks


Apart from solid colour printing, we can also cater to designs that require gradients, puff, high density or metallic prints.

Artwork Guidelines

Print ready vector files preferred

Additional fees may be incurred if files are not print ready or other file types are supplied


Images must be embedded and all text outlined

Spot colours to be specified for accuracy

Perks of Screen Printing

Durability Defined: Embrace designs that withstand the test of time! Thick ink layers in screen printing absorb into surfaces, ensuring durability, even under the sun. Say goodbye to fading–this is durability at its best with a great hand feel.
Simplicity Thrives: Screen printing is your go-to for sleek, solid-colour designs and razor-sharp gradients. Ideal for logos, commercial graphics, and designs that demand precision.
Bulk Brilliance: Screen printing takes the cake for cost-effective, one-time setup, perfect for high print volumes. The perfect print method for those with mountains of products to brand.
Colour Opportunities: This is a world where Pantone colour matching thrives! Match your brand colours exactly how you want it with screen printing. Maybe you're for a little something extra like puff ink, HD effects, fluoro or metallic? Screen printing can give you all of that too.
Made for merch: A tried and true print choice when it comes to creating apparel as merchandise and corporate uniforms. You can print on most fabric types with screen printing and there are more options when comes to special print positions.

Custom Screen Printing Made Easy

With over 30 years of industry experience across Brisbane, QTCo continually invests time to educate our team on the latest printing techniques, giving our clients the best quality results.

Our processes can accommodate various project needs and deliver crisp, clean results that can be continually replicated. This means your brand can consistently achieve the same look time after time.

Incorporating exceptional customer service, we ensure strong connections, constant communication, and lasting relationships with our customers throughout the entire process and beyond, guaranteeing a superior customer experience.

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