Specialty Inks

Looking for specialty inks for screen printing?

From gradient screen printing that seamlessly blends colours to puff printing that adds texture you can feel, and from metallic inks that bring the bling to high density print that packs a punch, we have the tools and expertise to make your designs stand out from the crowd.

With our specialty screen printing methods, your merchandise isn't just printed—it's transformed into something truly extraordinary.

What are the difference?

High Density Printing

High density print is the heavyweight champion of the printing world, packing a punch with its bold, 3D effect. With high density print, your logos and graphics don't just look cool—they'll feel irresistible to touch.

This method of printing is created by building layers of ink on top of each other, creating details with a sharper edge compared to puff printing.



Just like the name gradient screen prints happen when colours are seamlessly blended together, creating smooth transitions from one hue to another. It's perfect for designs that want to go beyond the basics and add some artistic flair.

Whether you're going for a sunset vibe or a cool ombre effect, gradient screen printing brings your vision to life with vibrant, eye-catching colours that fade into each other like a dream.


Add a hint of sparkling charm to your logo and designs with metallic inks. The shimmering particles work to catch your eyes when the light hits the design just right. Whether you're aiming for a touch of sophistication or just want to make your designs stand out, metallic inks add a subtle sparkle that's sure to delight.

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